Consumer Goods and Packaging


If your business is affected by seasonal demand, you know how difficult it can be to staff accordingly and meet the demands of your customers. Hiring temporary employees is one solution, but it also increases your labor costs.

How Sawyer Benefits Consumer Driven Goods

Sawyer™ is the ideal solution for consumer goods because it can be programmed to increase or decrease its output based on your company’s seasonal demands. Working without the need for breaks, Sawyer™ can immediately increase the output of goods while saving you the hassle and expense of hiring temporary employees.

How Sawyer Fulfills Your Packaging Needs

Goods and packaging go hand in hand. So why utilize Sawyer™ for production but not packaging? Sawyer™ is a perfect solution for packaging your goods, too. Whether you need to package single items, multi-case items, or various types of products or containers, Sawyer™ can pack precisely and ensure that your goods are packaged with the same speed and efficiency with which they were produced.