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Are You Prepared for the Robotics Age?


Manufacturers are preparing for the fast-approaching rise in robotics. It’s being referred to as the robotics age, and it will change the economic environment. This is causing manufacturers to question how robotics will affect the industry. They are also exploring and assessing ways in which manufacturing plants can integrate robotics. The best course of action will not be the same for everyone, as different plants have different needs.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers realize that embracing robotics and automation is the only way to remain competitive. Failing to do so will practically make it impossible to compete locally or globally. But embracing the new technology has the potential to put even the smallest manufacturer on top. For the first time, small and mid-sized operations could become strong leaders. It’s this possibility of success that will encourage all manufacturers to expand or began their foray into robotics technology.

Manufacturers need to perform a self-assessment to determine if they are ready for the robotics age. The following five questions are a good place to start.


  1. Can your business train or attract the talent to successfully implement robotics technology? This includes repairing, programming, and cleaning equipment.
  2. Will investing in robotics be more cost-effective than relying on human employees? Consider the ongoing cost and longevity of the technology.
  3. Do you rely on humans to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks that robots can perform? Employee safety is possibly one of the biggest arguments in favor of robotics technology.
  4. Will adopting robotics technology improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce waste?
  5. Do some of your manufacturing processes require dexterity and precision that humans find difficult to maintain?

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