DOOSAN ROBOTICS - Smart Automation & Collaboration

Doosan Robotics enables smart factories by developing and manufacturing COBOTs that are capable of doing complex tasks based on precise detection skills via torque sensors, excellent safety performance and detailed power control.

The Cobot of The Future

Outstanding partner for your future value addition. Without a need of hiring separate safeguard, Cobots maximize your production efficiency in very close proximity.  Meet our Cobots, the ideal automation solution applicable to a wide range of production process.


  • Top-of-the-line control platform for complete and reliable robot control
  • Torque sensor performance maximized with innovative motion control algorithm and robot language
  • Support for all latest communication technologies (Ethernet, Fieldbus, serial, Wi-Fi, etc.) for easy interface with various automation systems and peripherals
  • Built-in app developed with skill-based programming to implement complex robot motions simply
  • Robust platform based on real-time control and high-speed communication technology to ensure stable performance in tough industrial environments
  • Built-in innovative control algorithm for easy implementation in a wide range of field applications

Teach Pendant

  • Electrostatic touch interface for superior usability and excellent resolution
  • Lightweight and comfortable grasp design to minimize user fatigue
  • Intuitive usability through graphic-based communication
  • Intuitive card view to check the robot working environment at a glance
  • Intuitive and easy task programming with drag & drop function

We take pride in our quality relationships built in trust.

RG Group provides high-quality robots, systems and parts to companies big and small. Our goal is to see our customers thrive in the manufacturing industry by offering cost-effective robotic automation solutions.

RG Group is an Authorized Distributor for Doosan Robotics. Our partnership allows us direct access to manufacturer resources to provide our customers with complete and knowledgeable expertise.

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