Why Collaborative Robots?

Advances are being made in artificial intelligence and robotics on a regular basis. Gone are the days when bulky robots, encased in cages for worker safety, had to be programmed by highly paid, specialized employees. Today’s Collaborative robots are safe, reliable and require no specialized programming skills.

Adding a collaborative robot to your workforce will benefit your company in the following four ways:

  1. Increasing productivity, lowering operating costs, and increasing your profit margins
  2. Automating many different areas of your business, allowing you to increase or decrease supply on command
  3. Giving your business a competitive edge in an increasingly global marketplace where the cost of doing business is always subject to change
  4. Ensuring quality standards are consistently met and eliminating waste caused by error

Cobots help accelerate performance with FEWER resources.

Automating routine operations with the help of COBOTs results in organized, structured workflows across your entire organization. Your organization will enjoy better data quality, while eliminating human error and wasted resources. This allows you to focus on higher priority, value-added initiatives. COBOTs help you say goodbye to costly implementations while accomplishing more tasks in less time.

Cost Reductions

Automating repetitive manual processes significantly reduces administrative costs and back office resources, allowing your organization to reduce costs.


COBOTs are 5 times faster than a human, and more accurate. Speed up your processes and improve quality with error-free operation by employing a COBOT today.


COBOTs work around the clock 24/7/365 – nights, weekends, even holidays. You get immediate turnaround on requests, allowing you to go above and beyond for your customers.


COBOTs can achieve more with fewer resources, eliminate wasted resources, free up skilled employees and dramatically increase enterprise efficiency.

How Collaborative Robots Enhance Your Workforce

It was once thought that robots would replace the American worker, and this fear kept many businesses from automating certain aspects of their production. Thankfully, this myth has been debunked. Collaborative robots are not meant to replace their human counterparts, they are intended to aid them by:

  • Completing mundane and repetitive tasks that require no skilled labor
  • Reducing workplace injuries by handling dangerous tasks and materials
  • Allowing skilled employees to focus on their preferred areas of expertise
  • Keep work flowing by performing assembly, picking, packing and material handling tasks that might otherwise slow down production
  • Reduce operating costs, insurance costs and costs associated with workplace injuries, allowing employers to invest more capital in their employees

The time is right to invest in your business, your employees and your future. Contact us for more information and a demonstration on how Collaborative robots can be an indispensable tool for your business.

How RG Group can help you.

With over 60 years of expertise, RG Group has the innovative solutions your business needs to streamline processes and optimize production. With the ability to bring you the most comprehensive array of motion control technologies, RG Group will help you create a sustainable competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.


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