Picking, Packaging, and Material Handling

Boost workplace efficiency and fulfill orders in record time with Sawyer™. Take a look at how this helpful Cobot can revolutionize picking and packing for your organization.

Why tie your employees up in mundane and monotonous tasks like picking orders, packaging, or handling materials, when Sawyer™ can handle these tasks with greater efficiency? These tasks do not make good use of your skilled employees’ expertise, expertise that can be put to use in more profitable areas of your company.

Sawyer™ Picks, Packs, and Handles with Care

Sawyer’s™ enhanced programming allows it to differentiate between materials, to accurately pick orders, and package even fragile materials, such as circuits and delicate components, with incredible speed and accuracy. Able to maintain exact counts, Sawyer™ will ensure that your orders are filled accurately every time they are packed. From case packing to the demanding and varied requirements of 3PL providers, Sawyer™ will pack raw materials, finished goods, and even multi-pack cases with a variety of materials, products, and containers.