Test and Inspection

With flawless precision, Sawyer™ ensures that quality is never sacrificed for quantity or speed. Sawyer™ also gives your organization the ability to test for quality right on your production line.

Sawyer’s™ incredible accuracy of +/-1 mm ensures unfailing quality and precision for each and every task it performs. Following strict programming, Sawyer™ will repeat the same tasks with perfection repeatedly without fail. This would be exceedingly difficult for a human counterpart to do, given the margin for human error.

How Sawyer™ Checks for Defects

As if flawless precision were not enough, Sawyer™ can also give your company the ability to test and inspect products, materials, and parts right on your production line. This is a feature previously only available to high-volume producers, who could afford such a feature.

Sawyer™  now makes this feature affordable for all production lines, regardless of volume. Sawyer’s™  complete programming package uses an onboard camera, equipped with state of the art vision programming, to complete a multi-point inspection with full traceability results and error-proof processing.