As a business owner, there is no greater concern that of the safety of your employees. Sawyer™ was designed with worker safety in mind. Taking up no more room than a human being, this robot was designed to work safely right next to its human counterparts.

Built-in Safety Features

Sawyer™ has a number of built-in safety features designed to keep your employees safe while working nearby. These built-in features include force sensing, limited use of force and power, and joint actuators to minimize contact force.

Force sensing capabilities allow Sawyer™ to make adaptive decisions regarding the amount of force necessary for a specific task. This adaptive decision making, along with its human-like cadence, enables Sawyer™ to work with exacting precision (+/-1 mm) while working next to its human counterparts.

With limited power and use of force, the actuators on Sawyer’s™ joints have limited contact force. These actuators prevent too much force from being applied while making contact, which can result in injury to nearby human counterparts.

Every safety measure has been taken to ensure that Sawyer™ is a safe and reliable tool that can work cage-free, right next to your highly skilled workforce.

Let Sawyer™ Do the Dangerous Jobs

Sawyer™ can be programmed to perform a number of tasks and used for many applications that might otherwise cause harm to its human counterparts. Just think about all of the workplace injuries your company will avoid when Sawyer™ operates the heavy equipment, saws, and other dangerous machinery. Additionally, Sawyer™ can handle dangerous materials, such as those with sharp edges or coated with hazardous chemicals.