Loading and Unloading

Reduce costly mistakes and delays in your production line by deploying Sawyer™. Able to perform a number of useful tasks, this Cobot will keep your business in motion.

Keep your production line moving with Sawyer™. Like almost any business in the world, you need to load and unload materials, products, or parts quickly. A delay anywhere in your line will cost you both time and money. Human workers typically perform line loading and unloading at most companies, and these workers can be quite efficient. However, even the best employees can make mistakes. This is just one reason why having Sawyer™ assist with line loading and unloading is so beneficial.

Benefits of Automating with Sawyer™

Sawyer™ can maintain accurate counts, reposition parts and materials, and re-orient them as needed. These tasks can be performed on conveyor belts, tables, and other fixtures. Utilizing its 7 degrees of freedom robot arm, and operating within a precise +/-1 mm, Sawyer™ can load and unload the smallest of parts quickly and accurately. A state of the art onboard vision system allows the robot to differentiate between parts with unmatched accuracy.

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