Cost Savings


Adding a Collaborative robot to your workforce can provide cost savings in the following 8 ways:

  • Reducing the total number of employees that must be covered by company healthcare
  • Decreasing workplace injuries by taking over dangerous or hazardous tasks
  • Reducing injury liability claims
  • Cutting down on the cost of manufacturing by eliminating waste caused by human error
  • Allowing your production line to run 24/7/365
  • Reducing overhead cost of doing business by utilizing automation to increase output while reducing labor costs
  • Eliminate education costs associated with certain jobs, robots only requires software upgrades or reprogramming
  • Decrease labor costs by performing unskilled labor tasks
  • Reducing the number of employees needed to complete unskilled tasks, Sawyer™ can complete several tasks, taking the place of several unskilled workers

The cost savings associated with Collaborative robots like Sawyer™ are numerous, and newcost-savingg measures are being discovered with each new task this robot performs.