Automating certain areas of your production can be extremely beneficial to your business. It is well-known that automating with Collaborative robots like Sawyer™ can boost production, free highly skilled workers from mundane, repetitive tasks to work on more profitable tasks, increase worker safety by eliminating hazardous situations, and reduce production costs. However, other equally important benefits are often overlooked.

Overlooked Benefits of Automation

Overlooked benefits provided by automating production by utilizing Sawyer™ include:

Utilizing Existing Floor Space– Sawyer™ requires no more room that what is necessary for a human being. This allows the robot to fit seamlessly into your existing floor space without making expensive and disruptive changes.

Waste Reduction– With unsurpassed accuracy of +/-1 mm, Sawyer™ eliminates waste due to error.

Keeps Jobs Local– With the cost of doing business ever changing, and labor costs often unfairly skewed overseas, automation allows your company to reduce labor costs and keep your business local, while allowing your business to compete in a global marketplace.

Gives You a Competitive Edge– Automating certain aspects of your business gives your business a competitive edge by allowing you to reduce costs and produce the highest output with the least amount of overhead.