MiR Leasing Program

Referred to as ”robots as a service” (RaaS), leasing lets companies of any size—from small start-ups to multinational enterprises—deploy mobile robot solutions with low (or no) upfront costs and low monthly payments. This lowers financial barriers for investing in AMRs and gives customers a near-immediate return on investment (ROI).

Employee of the Year!

We launched the award to celebrate the employees without whom our business wouldn’t be the same. We solicited nominations with categories including
overall excellence, financial impact, best support and devotion to duty while acting on behalf of the department. It is a prestigious honor that serves to recognize the best of the best within our ranks.

Doosan Brochure

Doosan Robotics enables smart factories by developing and manufacturing COBOTs that are capable of doing complex tasks based on precise detection skills via torque sensors, excellent safety performance and detailed power control.

Survey Results

Executive Summary World Robotics 2018 Service Robots. The total number of professional service robots sold in 2017 rose considerably by 85% to 109,543 units up from 59,269 in 2016. READ MORE…


Watch videos from our library featuring all sorts of robotics and automation solutions. 


OnRobot Product Brochure

OnRobot provides state of the art gripping and sensing technologies for companies interested in industrial automation. You can find all types of sensing systems for collaborative applications like assembly, surface finishing, pick and place, machine tending or testing.

Mir BRochure

Download the latest brochure on the MiR family. Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots, dedicated to develop user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase their efficiency.

How Robots Change the World

What automation really means for jobs and productivity. Over the past decade, a robotics revolution has captured the world’s imagination. As their capabilities expand, so does the rate at which industries purchase and install these increasingly intelligent machines. READ MORE…

A New Face in the C-Suite

With robot projects proliferating, many companies have defined a new c-suite role to champion robotics automation: The Chief Robotics Officer.

Why Aren’t There More U.S. Robots?

Robots may be coming for our jobs. But a growing body of evidence suggests that workers have everything to gain from welcoming them.